Hello, I can't understand what your guys are talking in Hindi. After a longtime, I just want to Know about the tpay status how it goes right now.. So, please guys speak either English or Tamil if anybody comes from Tamilnadu.. By scrolling up in comments, most of them are speaking in Hindi, I just can't understand that.. So please make sure letting others to understand and know what's going on in Tpay..

You can check out main group @tokenpay for posts in English .. this is Indian group, so obviously majority will chat in Hindi ...

BTW, I'm also Indian and only speaking Tamil and English as well. Anyway, thanks for your comment and I will follow the group you tagged in your message..

Guys, TokenPay twitter has been chatting back and forth with CEO of WazirX. Let’s hear from the TPAY India group on there, ya never know what might come of it

They wanted a lot and also had issues

Hello, where is Vivek sir. He got me into tokenpay 8-9 months ago from another group. I put $250 and now only $40.

Guys what is the expected return this year

No update and nothing ... Where is the team and all we invested our hard money in tokenpay .. I don't know what is happening

Poras Rao
Sad for your loss. Vivek died few months back he couldn't take the loss

What kind of stupid things you are faking about the other person.Joke about death is really not funny.This shows how well you are brought up.Feel sad for you πŸ˜”πŸ˜”β˜ΉοΈβ˜ΉοΈ

ek time tha jab kuch bi tpay against bolne se ya question poochne se ban karte the ye log, aur doosre project ko hamesha shitcoin bolte the. Bincnce ko bi nahi choda kaminone. Jaha binace ka ICO price 0.1$ tha (TPAY ico se sirf kuch mahine pahale ICO tha bnb ka). Aaj bnb ka pahunchgaya aur tpay kaha ghir gaya. TPAY CEO bade bade baat hi karta raha kaam kuch nahi

Sabse Jada Vivek or dusra bhadwa angrej Kuch b bolo tpay ke bare me to sale akal Dene aa jate the ab Kyu nhi a rahar

Sabse Jada Vivek or dusra bhadwa angrej Kuch b bolo tpay ke bare me to sale akal Dene aa jate the ab Kyu nhi a rahar

Mind your language ... Muze ek bhi bar puchhne aaye the buy krne se pehle !? Nai na ... To ab kyu muze yaad kr rhe . And i never banned anyone unless they used abusive language and kept doing it even after warnings .. so don't blame me for anything ! I have nothing to do with your profit/loss ..

Derek given 9.9% share of the bank to ltc

sagar PS
Kisme dale to batao

I will prefer only stable coins like BTC, Eth, LTC, BNB, XRP and there are many more....these coin have biggest community and every new guy who enters crypto market invest in these known coins only

Lovely Lee
Tpay exit scam kar Diya yaar barbad hogaya

Are yaar pichle 2 saal main tpay main hi pade ho ye koi coin hai wazirx main invest karo ya ltc etherium bitcoin cash ya sv ye coin lo agar kuch kmana hai ab isko bhool jao

Any other android wallet tpay support ???

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That the coins belong to us ... now just wait for funds to distribute

They can’t sold that for pay their bills and all

when we both used to help the community

other community member

who got the feeling its just a scam in just 2-3 months

sagar PS
Nahi ayega sab bhag gaye

I'm the one who built this group .. muze kahi bhagne ki koi zarurat nai he :)

i cant ask them ki hope chod do

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ChAle the tpay bhaiya bitcoin ko takkar dene Inhi ki gand phat gai Kyuki galat system kabhi success nhi ho sakta.

@hizikya Vivek hey both. Can you help to surpass the invalid token error. I am trying to sign into my account after few months. I did reset my password but Authenticator code is not working.

Bhaskar Doppalapudi
@hizikya Vivek hey both. Can you help to surpass the invalid token error. I am trying to sign into my account after few months. I did reset my password but Authenticator code is not working.

Can't help ... And anyway there's nothing to access under website account. Even I lost access to my own account coz i don't have that authenticator code anymore. So it shouldn't be bothering you as there's nothing to lose on web account

Is the wallet support alive still for tokenpay?

Bhaskar Doppalapudi
Is the wallet support alive still for tokenpay?

Wallets are working as usual. There's no one replying for support tickets though, if you face any problem regarding wallet, you can visit YouTube channel, it's filled with many tutorials

Nope ....

Okay okay ...I have bought token in ICO and I missed the chance to sold coins at 8-9$. No stuck in this project.

It's my luck that I have not investment much amount. Bdw what's you say ?Is there any chance for tokenPay to go around 1$ even ?

tpay sold token in the names of deal

i dont see any deal that they have made is actually implemented

or any progess ever happened towards them

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