आज रात को tpay 500 जायेगा

Jadu hone wala hey kya ?

कहा गए वो लोग जो कह रहे थे 5000 जायेगा

Bat bhi nai ksrrahey

191 रु में

Iska matlab noksan me hey aap

sagar PS
Iska matlab noksan me hey aap

आप को क्या लग रहा है

7000 हजार

Lol 7000 kuch bhi nahi mera pass 13k hai aur mera dostka 27😂😂😂😂

Bhai 1 chij batao tpay safekaha rakhe

Mahi tpay kah badal btc meh rakta toh amir oh jata abh

Amir hojaoge 500 rs hogaya to

Tpay exchange me hold kare ya kaha kare

Kahi liquid bha nakhaye

Liquid ka cold storage bahot safe hai

sagar PS
Cryptopia khaya

अपनी बहन चुदवाने गया है

Tpay aajkal koi update nahi

Vivek aur hizikiya kaha hey bhai kuch to batao kya horahey

विवेक भाई इन्जॉय कर रहे है बाहर

Yar bahut loge ke pass bori bharke tpay hey rate up hona muskil hey

और हम लोग tpay का शोक मन रहे हैं

Efin trading open hi nahi ho raha

Wallet open Ho raha hai

Nilesh Shinde
Efin trading open hi nahi ho raha

Apne website account ke id password se login krna padta he, beta trade tab me

The CryptoGiraffe

Sorry but if u didn’t see the video the product failed in the demo today

Hello, I can't understand what your guys are talking in Hindi. After a longtime, I just want to Know about the tpay status how it goes right now.. So, please guys speak either English or Tamil if anybody comes from Tamilnadu.. By scrolling up in comments, most of them are speaking in Hindi, I just can't understand that.. So please make sure letting others to understand and know what's going on in Tpay..

You can check out main group @tokenpay for posts in English .. this is Indian group, so obviously majority will chat in Hindi ...

BTW, I'm also Indian and only speaking Tamil and English as well. Anyway, thanks for your comment and I will follow the group you tagged in your message..

@derekcapo Iam following tpay last one year and holding good amount of tpay also .... may I know what is our tokenpay future plan

Guys, TokenPay twitter has been chatting back and forth with CEO of WazirX. Let’s hear from the TPAY India group on there, ya never know what might come of it