That is real trading and assets used to make a spread on every trade

Wash trading bot is when 2 bots talk to each other and trade 1 dollar back and forth

We will not allow that on efin but we will allow arb bots which is what we are building

Thinking to see if we can do a test with like 10 to 20 people

Its simple it asks many orders do you want to make on this pair to buy or much ltc or whatever do you want to make available...what is the spread...and what js the price sensitivity you if it drops 1% or rises 1% the open orders you have get cancelled and then repriced

Been testing this on testnet and about a week away from release with a few pairs then can expand

This is in testnet not real coins and version 1 that does 1 side of the trade but will do other side as well and let you choose and you can cap how much you want to sell lr buy etc.

Weill definitely want a few people to run this to test and see what improvements can be made...there are risks but i think if you are an active trader it can work and encourages people to submit orders for liquidity

TEN31 is the new brand under which WEG Bank AG summarises it‘s crypto and fintech activities. TPay is a 9,90% shareholder in WEG Bank AG and a strategic partner of the TEN31 Venture.
TokenPay ⭐️ retweeted (Link)While most are focused on trading/gambling (mostly now leveraged trading “futures”), we continue our with our laser focus on real world $TPAY adoption with merchants. We continue to prove naysayers wrong as we take the hard road building real tech forward decentralized products.

Is there any update 👆

Can I buy tpay from sistemkoin exchange is it good exchange

Shobhit Sharma
Can I buy tpay from sistemkoin exchange is it good exchange

Don't use sistemkoin ... Few people had very bad experience with it, not complete scam but shady exchange ...

Then from which exchange I can buy

This is not actual

Bitinka and bitebtc is same scam exchange

There is no office only website for fishing people

I think if tpay list kucoin price should be up

On bitforex also $0.02

Can any admin please explain what exactly happening.

Why so extreme up & down

क्या अभी buy कर सकते tpay

सो रहे हो क्या भाई सब लोग जागो

समय आ गया ऊपर जाने का