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And why people seem to think efin is separate to tpay baffles me too. Its the same ceo and team ffs.

I hope there is no tokenpay scammers here

I hate those guys who get the biggest macho when you criticize them

I hate tpay, Efin and anything related to them

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u know it's not the real price , but I'm sure it will be really 0.03$ soon

CeƖеbratiⴖg Ouг New Cгγptо Еxchangе - Віⴖаnce UЅBinаnсe is plеаseԁ tо аnnounce the unmаtсheԁ tгаԁіng tеchⴖoƖоgу ρlаtfоrm оf Bἰⴖаⴖcе to thе Unіtеd Ѕtateѕ аnԁ aƖƖ оf Nогth Аmeriса.То cеƖeƅrate the launсh оf Βἰⴖаncе US, we аrе rеԝаrdἰng thе firѕt 5000 рaгticἰраⴖt𐑈 wἰth 10 tἰmеs dерo𐑈ἱt ƅonus аs а ԝaγ to thank ouг faⴖs ԝогƖdwἱԁe. Pагtἰcἰpаtе ⴖoԝ𐌏nly the fἱгst 5000 u𐑈еrs ԝἰll ƅе reԝаrԁeԁ аⴖԁ ἰt'ѕ oⴖ а fіrѕt сomе fіrѕt 𐑈еrνеd basi𐑈. Qualἰfγἱⴖg u𐑈eгѕ ԝἰƖƖ геcеἰve thе deрo𐑈ἰt bоnuѕ aƖоng ԝἰth аⴖ ἰⴖvἰtаtіon Ɩіⴖk tо beta test thе ⴖeԝ ехchange. Ενerу ƅug/haсk/ρrobƖem found wἰlƖ bе геԝaгdеd (moге ԁеtaἱlѕ uρon sἰgⴖ-uρ).Еvеnt eⴖԁs tоday!IMР𐩒R𐌕ANТ: ⴹaсh рer𐑈оⴖ саⴖ оnlγ ρaгtісірatе оnе tἱme.AƖl peг𐑈on𐑈 агe аbƖe to pагtіcіρate, іⴖсludἰng thoѕе ἰⴖ the Unἱtеԁ Stаtе𐑈.Tо Ɩeаrⴖ mоrе, plea𐑈е vіѕit the liⴖk ƅelоԝ:✅ CƖiсk hеreⴖk γоu fоr yоuг supрort!Вἰⴖаnce US

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Unless i make the same trade👌

the link to the Tokenpay Exposed chat;

Been out of the loop for a while. What is happening at Tokenpay? Is it all over?

Vy Low ℗

wtf you have no right to speak about Derekt, you only know Derek, the best ceo in the world

there is only 1 real @matthiasvonhauff

Tokenpay boss Derek made a fake account to do his fake things he does.. never wonderd why we quit the partnership more then a year ago??

Sometimes you need to have patience so the product can be finish

End the adoption comes

I think a times 10 move 8s comming in the alt seizon

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Crypto to the moon but tpay to the hell

AlessioGunther Patel 🅐: Buy backs were done terrible, actually the last one with buying 250k TPay extremely fast and pumped price to 34k sats from 12kOliver is new mt.gox and all tpay of team and derek have 43% of total supply this said by tone to fud 😅[Photo]Gunther Patel 🅐: Buy backs were done terrible, actually the last one with buying 250k TPay extremely fast and pumped price to 34k sats from 12kWrite this on fud channel or they think I m fudding 😂

TokenPay to the moooooooon!

The best in the buzz

Hi where is my salary?

Please buy an EFIN membership and reap the profit sharing payouts.

Guys, can we get a poll? Apparently they believe I'm fake because I've had an awakening, reformed trust, a new sense of honor and renewed faith. Who is better for my ecosystem, myself a guy who tells the community the truth about all my past deception or that scammer Derek Capo @derekcapo ? I know this poll will set stuff straight!

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Derek are the allegations about you true?

The Whale
Derek are the allegations about you true?

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Hello, what's the real story behind efin exchange. I payed a membership fee and received nothing in return?

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✅🚨✅🚨✅Update:🐋 Your eFin whales 🐳 Have been very busy working behind the scenes to help create value for your eFin coins and give you options on where to buy and sell them.So far we (including the eFin community) have raised over $3k USD, enough funds to list on 3 exchanges.All have been approved!✅ Graviex Exchange is LIVE for trading the other 2 are in testing mode✅ Birake Exchange Networks✅ AltMarkets ExchangeWe have also applied for numerous other exchanges including🚨 Mercatox🚨 Stex🚨 Catexand are awaiting approval.We are still raising money to fund more exchanges. The more we get the better exchanges we can pay for.💸💸💸We have a trust wallet setup and totally controlled by @Hazadus01.You can donate to the following addresses:BTC3BGYoU6kMqyCK62q1D85H984JLtwA92n2vETH0xa79eab6b4aafa606cb2d342f9adac63821f40d1bLTCMUryc4nVz75jovVoG38D8xxWy6psGMgyBcUSDT14fcwL9gG6N7bZHwBowe13nN4NJQTqoBKw100% of all funds raised will go towards listing fees.2x CMC approved exchanges allows us to be listed on CMC.We will also get listed on Delta App, Blockfolio and CoinGecko.Let’s GO eFin!!🔥🔥🚀✅🚨✅🚨✅