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Hi where is my salary?

Please buy an EFIN membership and reap the profit sharing payouts.

Guys, can we get a poll? Apparently they believe I'm fake because I've had an awakening, reformed trust, a new sense of honor and renewed faith. Who is better for my ecosystem, myself a guy who tells the community the truth about all my past deception or that scammer Derek Capo @derekcapo ? I know this poll will set stuff straight!

Sjeikh al ₿itkhalifa
Salary for what?

what does that concern you bro, derekt know for what👀😀

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Where's my little mikeeed? I couldn't stay mad at you forever.

Derek are the allegations about you true?

The Whale
Derek are the allegations about you true?

Beep boop beep. Yes, it is true. Ilse gave up her ass for anal on their first date. Beep beep boop.

Beep boop boop. And by first date I mean the lower stairwell against the railing the day of the infamous cruise. Boop boop beep boop.

Where's my little mikeeed? I couldn't stay mad at you forever.

Boop boop, computing computing. Ping! Results show there is a 98.6% probability that Ilse is a raging whore that blew Derek for money. Beep boop beep.

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Hello, what's the real story behind efin exchange. I payed a membership fee and received nothing in return?

New poll.Which Tokenpay ecosystem channel should mercifully be put down next?Main?eFin?Tpay NZ?This one?Tokenpay Exposed?Blast?Derek's Twitter?Tpay Twitter?Efin Twitter? Twitter?

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Yeah about time it can happening men you need to have a look at this particular away

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finally is actually happening is actually now or never ever