the link to the Tokenpay Exposed chat;

Been out of the loop for a while. What is happening at Tokenpay? Is it all over?

Oh dear. That isn't good. I noticed price was a bit shit

Jon Pemberton
Oh dear. That isn't good. I noticed price was a bit shit

oh boy, just buy crypto and forget about it for a year or 2...soon millionaire

Thank god i move my coins to vite

ive been suggesting this to derek but he didnt listen, vitex has great reward as a hodler and traders

Vy Low โ„—

wtf you have no right to speak about Derekt, you only know Derek, the best ceo in the world

He is not in jail or hiding, he was interviewed recently, by Rob McNealy.
Gman - Tha Crypto

Unless, he was being interviewed from a jail facility.

Great moves. Singapore is always ahead.

If you can sell uhmmm, dump your coins, very good price now lol:)

there is only 1 real @matthiasvonhauff

Tokenpay boss Derek made a fake account to do his fake things he does.. never wonderd why we quit the partnership more then a year ago??

Wegbank TEN31 bank ChatOfficial Wegbank / TEN31 bank chat

need to grow awerness for our bank

@MatthiasvonHauff [1001447368] is flooding. Action: Muted ๐Ÿ”‡

Tpay is gonna moon soon

Sometimes you need to have patience so the product can be finish

End the adoption comes

I think a times 10 move 8s comming in the alt seizon